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by omri reid

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a collection of original songs
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released August 1, 2016

A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible :')

Written & Produced by Omri Reid
Album Cover by Jace Roffler
Drums - Jace Roffler
Keyboard - Olivia Dejonghe
Additional Vocals - Amber Zakala

(March 2016 - July 2016)



all rights reserved


Omri Reid Jackson, Michigan

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Track Name: void
its truth you seek to mean something I know id rather be weak for accepting parameters planned understood I’ve been following the trails lit by the grey light
one spectrum a scale never wondered why you’re here you don’t leave a trace like you never appeared
Track Name: definitive
In a foreign city or mirage candles lit the corners at the base of the façade
it’s a miracle we’re here at all together we are infinite by forever we are bound
two opposing lines one street divides cut right down the center taken with the tide
It’s a washed up enigmatic dream set in intervals by illusive memories
Track Name: deux ex
I don’t mind what we do today you cannot lose if you refuse to play
Its like drawing a map with invisible ink or finding yourself the last place you might think some awful normality realization of home everything is inside you’re never alone deux ex machina taking her form without your kind resolve how would I have known just how much we’ve grown?
Track Name: cynosure
don’t forfeit your sacred rights to love yourself to be alive convenience your priorities validate starving one to feed the many I can hope and I can dream of a better world you should ask the universe hold greater value than your worth
one for all and all for one with all for one all should be done return to faith unity will come the least of these will be lifted high lift me high you do not parish when you die
Track Name: elevation
you belong to a written path every movement deciphered fact this vessel controlling a voice you’ve kept real admiration is all I have a true work of art is made of pain and love are we who we are it will be our bond
Track Name: content
I stand on the edge with pressure plates below as far as I can see the sky is a volcano you seem to know what it takes to follow an air of complacency surrounding us compounding all of our thoughts a sea of molten trash green circuit wires frayed our fate remains detached with no one left to blame it all feels the same to me I want nothing more than change makeshift apologist a formality letting go of reality
Track Name: passive
as the thought reoccurs ill be sitting with her but right now I don’t mind I’m just filling up time it’s a door that wont close on its own what an intricate theme of nothingness so it begins as the daylight pours in nothing will change but your mind and the date pick and choose what you’ve got to lose the easy route is too crowded now
Track Name: finally
in a room by yourself one window to look at somewhere deep
in the filth undeveloped camera film roll there are two complete
fools with nothing to lose who started this song and still have no
clue where it goes
you can't walk all over me I used to think I loved the company or
believed you were in need I knew I had it in me
It's finally here I can't recall the time i've wasted after all I drop the keys
and never saw your face I believe you never died just broke the grasp
polarized with molecules as pools of melting ice